Fill the cases according to the picture
A - Bust measurement around the back
B - Bust depth from the shoulder to the tip of the bust
C - Front waist length from shoulder, over the bust, to the waist tape
D - Waist measurement over the waist tape
E - Upper Hip measurement over the upper part of thighs
F - Hip measurement over the largest part of your thighs
G - Shoulder width from the center of the neck to the top of the arm
H - Back length from the first vertebra to the lower edge of the waist tape
I - Back Shoulder width distance between the under-arms along the back
J - Side length from the waist along the leg to the lowest part of the foot
K - Full Shoulder Height from the ground up to the level of the shoulder
L - Sleeve length, arm slightly bent, from the top of the arm, over the elbow, to the wrist
M - Upper arm measurement round the widest part of the upper arm
N - Neck measurement round the widest part of the neck